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Spiritual Etiquette Course
Spiritual Etiquette Course

Sat, 25 May


Krishna Tempel Zürich | Seminarroom

Spiritual Etiquette Course

This course aims to give a basic understanding of proper Vaisnava behavior, mutual dealings amongst devotees as well as guidelines for proper execution of devotional activities based on the essence of Sanatana Goswami's Hari Bhakti Vilas and instructions of Srila Rupa Goswami.

Time & Location

25 May 2024, 10:00 – 13:00

Krishna Tempel Zürich | Seminarroom, Bergstrasse 54, 8032 Zürich, Schweiz

About the event

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu instructed Sanatana Goswami to write a book about proper behavior, ‘a directory of the activities of vaishnavas’. Which is commonly known as Hari Bhakti Vilas.

This course aims to convey the teachings of Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada based on the essence of Hari Bhakti Vilas. It is meant to give a basic understanding of proper Vaishnava behavior, mutual dealings amongst devotees as well as guidelines for proper execution of devotional activities following the instructions of Srila Rupa Goswami.

The course will provide useful applications and a practical understanding of the importance of proper Vaishnava behavior using the Acharya’s teachings and the scriptural references to explain it’s deeper meaning and spiritual necessity in order to steadily progress in our spiritual life to attain the supreme goal, love of Godhead.

You will learn:

  • Basic conduct of spiritual etiquette or vaisnava sadacara
  • Importance of proper behavior in spiritual life
  • Activities in devotional life
  • Structure of vaishnava society
  • Mutual exchange amongst devotees
  • Scriptural references of vaisnava sadacara

Language: English

Location: Zürich College of Vedic Studies, Seminar Room

Registration: Free

About facilitator

Govinda Dasa came into contact with Krsna consciousness in 1985, at the age of eighteen, and undertook an extensive trip to India, including to Sridhama Mayapur. In 1987 he met his spiritual master Srila Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaja and accompanied him as his chauffeur on various of his trips   throughout Europe. In 1989 he received initiation and opened in Zurich the vegetarian restaurant 'Caitanya' under Bhakti Charu Maharaja's guidance. From 1990 to 1996 he assisted and served the South African Yatra in various fields, including as director of the Preaching Center in Port Elizabeth.

In 1996 he was appointed to Srila Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaja's staff where he served as his personal secretary up to 1999. After returning to Switzerland, he served the Swiss Yatra and the Zurich Temple in various capacities.

In 2021 he initiated the 'University Preaching' program in Zurich and has led it since then.

Govinda Dasa studied Western and Far Eastern Art and Cultural History, as well as Medieval Archaeology. He holds a doctorate in European Art History.

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