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The Ratha-Yatra chariot festival in Puri,  


For thousands of years, the grand chariot festival Ratha-Yatra has been celebrated in the Indian city of Puri (Odisha), attracting over 1 million people annually.

Since the Bhakti movement gained a foothold in the USA in the mid-1960s, the traditional chariot festival has also been held in the West.

First Ratha-Yatra outside of India,   

San Francisco, 1967

Today, this colorful festival can be found in many cities around the world – from Los Angeles to Tokyo, from Oslo to Durban – and since 1978, also in Switzerland.

The festival is accompanied by music, dance, Indian vegan/vegetarian food, and a cultural program.

07th July 2024

At 1:30 PM, gathering and start of the parade at the Chinese Garden.

4:30 PM – Cultural program at Bürkliplatz.

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