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Sonntagsfest aktuell
our spiritual sunday feast

Every Sunday from 3 pm, a cultural and spiritual festival takes place in Zurich's Krishna Temple, to which everyone is cordially invited.

The extensive festival includes joint mantra chanting, exciting lectures, a large vegetarian / vegan buffet with delicious dishes and a traditional temple ceremony.

Whether you are visiting for the first time to get a glimpse of the culture and lifestyle of Krishna consciousness or you have been practicing Krishna consciousness for many years; for everyone, the Sunday feast offers a meeting place for like-minded people and an opportunity to deepen oneself spiritually.

Indian Bhajan Music
Lecture and Discussion
Feast Prasadam

vegetarian and vegan

Mantra Meditation
Vedic temple ceremony with bhajan music

Mantra singen

Aside from that

Experience the atmosphere of a real Hindu temple; have personal conversations with devotees of the Bhakti Yoga tradition; browse through our temple boutique with books, jewellery, incense, etc. and enjoy our famous Vedic cuisine.

We look forward to you!

philosophical lecture
Philosophy | discussion
04.00 - 05.00 pm | templeroom

The philosophical part of the Sunday festival - the lecture followed by a discussion.

kirtan evening
Kirtan | mantra meditation
08.00 - 9.30 pm | templeroom

Experience the power of the Maha Mantra: Our meditative mantra singing from 08:00 to 9:30 pm!
For many, the highlight of the Sunday festival.

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