29th April

The Sankhya model of psychology

Akhandadhi das

15th April

A new look at the Sankhya elements that manifest the world around us

Akhandadhi das

2nd April

What is Real? Realism/Idealism; Monism/Dualism and Acintya bhedabheda tattva

Akhandadhi das

4th March

S.B.6.1.31 - Evidence that consciousness and mind persist beyond death

Akhandadhi das

18th February

S.B.3.26.61 - The four Antahkarana cognitive functions: manas, buddhih, ahankara & citta. What they are and what they do for you

Akhandadhi das

4th February

S.B.7.15.41 - Three analogies of how the soul exists within the body

Akhandadhi das

3rd December

S.B.11.13.25 - The Interface of mind and matter

Akhandadhi das


Working with the Three-Function Model

How non-neural consciousness interacts with the brain & body

Evidence from physics of such interactions

The role of intention

Critique of manifestation/abundance promises

12th November

S.B.7.13.43 - The Platform of the Mind

Govinda das


The Vedic perspective of psychology

Thinking, feeling, and willing

Mindfulness, the faculty of accepting and rejecting

29th October          

S.B.6.4.25 - Qualia - The Hard Problem of Consciousness

Akhandadhi das


Simple and unassailable arguments from science
presenting the non-physical aspects of mind & consciousness:

Why mental states are not simply brain activity

    Distinguishing consciousness from mental activity

Three-Function Model of Conscious Experience

    Are we dualists? Idealists?

    Using this model to undermine physicalist arguments

15th October

S.B.2.2.35 - What do we mean by ‘consciousness’?

Akhandadhi das


The big questions - Consciousness, existence, and reality

Jiva Goswami’s axioms for philosophy & science

What they reveal about consciousness

The qualities and properties of consciousness

1st October          

S.B.1.2.20 - The Science of Krsna Consciousness                      

H H Krishna Kshetra Swami & Akhandadhi das


Philosophy of Science, Subjective science, Yoga, Bhakti

Relationship between science, philosophy & theology

Limitations of the scientific method

Our interaction with academia

Pre-philosophical insights & direct realization in KC                     


More Talks to come- stay tuned!

Please find summary handouts of the previous talks here

If you are interested in these topics and would like to gain in depth insight, please follow this link to find out more about the atma paradigm!

The Atma Paradigm

In this set of videos, Akhandadhi Das presents a framework for a science that includes consciousness as the very foundation of its theories.

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Scientific Saturdays
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„Only one who can learn the process of nescience and that of transcendental knowledge side by side can transcend the influence of repeated birth and death and enjoy the full blessings of immortality.“ - Sri Isopanisad Mantra 11

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