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In a Hindu temple and a church

Krishna Temple Zurich on Swiss TV! 

For the entertainment program "Ding Dong", a TV crew visits the most unusual houses in Switzerland. In January we opened the doors of the temple and showed our home, or rather the home of Krishna. During four hours we gave insights into temple life and ended the tour with a Vedic fire ceremony.

Have fun watching!
Hare Krishna!

The language of the show is Swiss German, with subtitles in German. A transcript of the dialogues in English is attached here below.


“Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare”: the monks on the Zürichberg sing their mantra 1,728 times

Report from the "Catholic media center -":
It has been a long time since the patricians lived in the old villa on the Bergstrasse on the Zürichberg. Believers in orange robes have lived in the six-storey building for over 40 years.


Rosanna Checkt's - How does a Hindu god celebrate his birthday?

SFR 1 Zambo children's-youth program from November 10, 2015
Rosana visits a Hindu temple in Zurich and gets to know the Hindu god Krishna. She also celebrates his 5242nd birthday at a lavish party.


Hare Krishna – where are they actually?

Founded in the 1960s, the Hare Krishna movement caught the spirit of the times. The followers in their orange, Indian robes were often out and about in Switzerland - singing, selling books and biscuits. In the meantime they have disappeared from the cityscape. A search for clues.


NZZ Folio –
Who lives there?

An esoteric couple? A therapist with Asian roots? Which a psychologist and an interior designer suspect based on the pictures in these rooms.

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Krishna is where it is beautiful - An encounter with the monk and head of the Krishna Temple in Zurich

Between the forest and the outskirts of Zurich, near the church of Fluntern, there is another country.


"We have learned from the mistakes of our predecessors" Visiting the Hare Krishna Temple in Zurich

The Zurich Hare Krishna movement has lost a lot of members since its most successful time. The reason was various scandals. New minds want to get going again – far removed from the “initial fanaticism” of their predecessors.

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